The Enviable Few


In the past, only a few number of people were known for bad behaviours.

In those days, you could easily pinpoint those who were thieves in your community.

You and your neighbours knew the few troublemakers.

You knew the few bad boys in the neighbourhood.

You could easily identify the few wayward girls who were no longer virgins.

And you knew the few fraudsters who were always the regular visitors to your local police station.

Not anymore!

Everything is now the other way.

Things that used to be very easy to identify are now difficult to recognise.

Today, only a few people are known for honesty and decency.

Only a few are not part of the crazy way of living, and one can easily count them on the fingertips.

In our so-called modern days, you’re an abnormal person if you don’t tell lies.

Nobody believes you if you’re truthful.

No, it’s nothing personal; that’s what our world has become.

You’re not expected to be honest.

Neither are you required to be decent.

No one is!

You must be a liar because everyone is.

You must be a thief because everyone now steals.

The few sane ones in our midst get treated as outcasts instead of being respected.

If you don’t go partying every weekend, you get labelled.

If you don’t get drunk like others, you’re not modern.

If you don’t understand the new crazy dance steps, you get isolated.

If you don’t dress crazy enough, you get ostracized.

And if you’re a virgin, you get mocked.

Things detested in the past are now embraced as norms.

Stealing used to be an abomination, but not anymore.

Thieves are now hailed and praised.

They’re now worshiped like gods.

Today, if your property gets stolen, pray hard that the thief doesn’t turn around to accuse you of being the one who has stolen – a case of “ai tete m’ole, ole n m’oloko (a thief catching the owner before the owner does so).

That’s what our world has turned to.

It takes a lot of efforts for decent people to keep their sanity these days.

But it pays to belong to the group of the enviable few – the few who have made a pact with themselves to remain decent amid indecencies.

Wouldn’t you rather be counted as one of them?

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