The Game of Love


I had a herculean task deciding on what to write about today – Valentine’s Day.

On a day like this, one is expected to write about Valentine or something that has to do with love.

That’s what almost everyone wants to read about.

Yet, I have written so much about the business of love and Valentine’s Day in the past. All you need do is to search for “love” or “Valentine” on this blogpage to read some of the previous publications.

They’re so many.

If you had read this post a few hours ago, you will now observe that its content has changed.

That’s because the original version was lost a short while ago due to an update that was carried out. Sadly, it happens to be one of the posts I did direct from the heart without a backup.

I feel like crying.

But it’s Valentine’s Day – a day of joy.

Last night as I pondered, my mind went to the game of love.

So I finally decided to make it the subject of this post.

Many games are played on Valentine’s Day.

Walls get mended, and hearts get broken on Valentine’s Day.

We all call it lovers’ day.

That’s what it’s meant to be.

But there are many haters in lovers’ skin – cheaters and “jilters” of unbearable proportion.

There is a thin line between love and hatred.

You love someone so dearly.

You devote all your heart to him/her.

You care and support.

You show concern.

You defile all warnings from friends and family members.

You’re in love.

And you give all to your partner.

To your sadness, you get ditched, jilted, and dumped like a pack of trash.

Then, your love immediately turns to hatred.

Your partner has been playing games with you all along.

S/he is not trustworthy after all.

But you didn’t realize that until now.

You’ve been honest and open.

You now feel insulted.

You feel humiliated.

Good memories of the past begin to haunt you.

And you start to hear your lover’s voice in your head making jest of you, “You’re such a fool, original mungun! I’m done with you”

You hate yourself; and you hate your partner.

You feel like fighting.

Your nerves are clamouring for a revenge.

You begin to blame yourself: How could I have been betrayed this way? How could I have trusted him/her so much? What a stab in the back? What a fool I have been?


Stop thinking that way, please.

I beg you.

Take it that you’ve just experienced a game of love.

You’re not a loser.

Indeed, you’re a winner.

You’ve played according to the rules – the good rules of love.

You’re a great sports(wo)man.

Winners don’t cheat, cheaters don’t win.

Your partner has not won.

It’s all a matter of time.

No cheater, no “jilter,” no “disappointer” ever go scot-free without earning their rewards; however long it may take.

Wipe your tears.

Rejoice in the fact that you have given out so much love, and every love given out today will surely return to you tenfold some other day in future.

Believe me.

I know it’s not easy.

You’ve been wounded emotionally.

But the wound will heal with time.

Move on.

Forgive your partner and forgive yourself.

It was not your fault.

You did your best.

But be careful.

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Let the lessons guide you.

Trust is good, but control is better.

I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day today.

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