The Greatest Question in the World.

“Do you know why many people are not as successful in life as they wish?”

“No, I don’t. Tell me please.”

“Do you know why they’re so rudderless about so many things in life?”

Ooooh, you ask too many questions. Say whatever you want to say and stop querying me like a lawyer.”

“OK. I will tell you. Look, many people do things without asking the greatest question in the world?”

“And what could be the greatest question in the world, Mr. Man?”

“Relax and listen. I will tell you everything you need to change your life.”

“No problem. I’m all ears.”

“Believe me, a lot of people are just existing without living a life. They go out day after day doing the same thing without stopping for a minute to ask the greatest question in the world. That’s why they appear lost in the journey of life every time. That’s why they think that life is not kind to them. And that’s why they meet brick walls all the time.”

Chief, you definitely want us to quarrel again. Why don’t you just go straight to the point and save me the stress of waiting endlessly for your so called greatest question of the world.”

“Alright, since you’re in a hurry to know, I will tell you without any further delay. The greatest question everyone should ask before doing anything in life is: ‘What’s in this for me?’

“How do you mean?”

“Look, that question may appear simple, but it is what separates winners apart from losers. It is what makes successful people what they are. And it is what determines whether you’re wasting away your life or contributing to the growth and development of your life.”

Eeeeh, you have come again.”

“No, it’s the reality my friend. It may also appear to be a selfish way of assessing things but the truth is that what matters to you more than anything in life is yourself, your being, your desires, your aspirations, and your wishes. Forget all the lies people tell themselves that they love their children or partners more than anything. It is a big lie. It is when you as a person are existing that you can remember someone else.”


“So, that’s why everything you do in life must start with that very important question. Why waste your time and energy on something that does not add any value to your life? Why wasting away in a relationship that does not add to your happiness? Why burying your head in a venture that does not improve your wellbeing in anyway?”

“I think you have some points.”

“Ah, it’s the truth. And truth is always bitter. Successful people are truthful to themselves. They value their time and would never choose something that makes no meaning to them. That’s what I encourage you to also do henceforth. Life is too short to waste it on frivolities.”

“I now know that you’re truly a sage.”

“I doubt if I am. It’s just about stopping to reflect on these things to know the truth.”

“So, what’s in it for me listening to your words this evening?”

Hahaaaa, of course, something is in it for you: I’ve been able to touch your sense of reasoning. It’s left for you to now practice what I’ve just told you to gain the benefits.”

“True talk. I thank you.”

“You’re welcome…as always.”

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