The Power of Salt

As every good chef will confirm, salt is an important cooking ingredient that cannot be missing from the kitchen for too long. However expensive the cooked food may be, and irrespective of the number of hours devoted to its cooking; without salt, the whole efforts could become useless – and the cooked food rendered tasteless.

When you sit in a restaurant and feel that the salt in your food is not enough, the waiter will give you extra salt without charging for it. But be careful with it. If you add too much salt on your own, the served food becomes useless!

Isn’t this an irony? You need salt to add taste to your food and make it enjoyable, yet too much of it destroys your food!

That’s actually the way life is.

Many things add taste to life: freedom, money, love, association, shelter, food, work, pleasure, education etc. Without these things, our life could become tasteless. On the other hand, too much of any of them renders our life meaningless.

The key, therefore, is moderation. That’s what adds good taste to life like salt.

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  1. This is a great article and it speakes to our lives as human. I really like it.

    With your permission i would like to print it and share with my BRG group.


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