The power to dictate to the government


Bob Livingston is right in saying that “The more dependent one is on government authority, the less likely he is to see government and its policies as an adversity.” Sadly, this assertion holds true in Africa more than any other place.

In most part of Africa, elected leaders rule instead of leading.

Leaders lead, often by example.

Rulers rule, often with the doctrine of ‘do as I say, not as I do.’

Yet, we refer to those rulers as leaders because we seem not to know the difference.

It is in Africa that leaders, rather, rulers, see citizens as donkeys that they can ride as they so desire.

It is in Africa that citizens look up to the government for almost everything.

It is in Africa that citizens fail to recognize that power very much resides with them, and not with their elected rulers.

That’s because we depend too much on the government.

That’s because the government still controls our life.

That’s because we fail to call our leaders to action.

That’s because we have mortgaged our power to our leaders without questioning.

But thank God we’re becoming wiser than before.

Thank goodness for the internet.

We can now see how things are done in other climes without being there physically.

We are now more enlightened than before, though we still fail to act the way we should.

We must start from somewhere. With time, we will have true independence and be less dependent on the government.

It is gladdening that many people are now prepared to act.

We’ve realized that the small card we call Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) is a powerful weapon that can be used to elect or reject a leader.

But knowledge is not enough.

We must act. We must register. We must vote.

Is it that easy?

No. It is not.

We must endure.

We must be ready to queue for hours at registration centres to register for our voter’s card. It can be so harrowing, but it must be done.

We must not relent.

Power is not freely given. It is often taken. That card is your power. Take it.

That’s the beginning.

On the election day. Go out.

Endure the sun.

Endure the rain.

Your future, the future of your children, and that of your children’s children, is in your hand.


And vote wisely.



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