The Two Guys from Heathrow Airport (Part 2) – Guest post by Bukky Campbell

This is the concluding part of an earlier post by Bukky Campbell. In case you missed the first part, you may want to read it here.

I ended the first part of this post with the following questions: Can you see how our girls live in a fantasy world created for them by the men folk? And do you know the kind of comments that married ladies make of their husbands? Do you also know the comments usually made by girlfriends regarding their dating adventures? How about men themselves; what kind of excuses do they give for their adulterous practices?  

In this concluding part of the post, I will be leading you into the world of comments on extra marital relationships. Let’s start with the comments about married men and single girls by married women: 

Wife No. 1: I don’t care if my husband has a girlfriend as long as he uses a condom. 

Wife No. 2: My husband has a girlfriend and my mother-in-law knows about it. So what? I’m happy she has two girls that are not yet married. 

Wife No. 3: My husband can have as many ladies as he desires. As long as he takes care of me and his children who are his first responsibilities, he can go ahead to spend the rest of his life and money on his  girlfriends. 

Wife No. 4: There is no way any woman can satisfy a man. You only know 10% of their nature when you get married to them. If you’re lucky, you get to know the rest as you go along. Some women know after they are already in their graves. 

Wife No. 5:  My man knows better, so he dares not. It’s not open for discussion. 

Wife No. 6:  Well, I think men are always looking for one thing or the other. Its either they are looking for sex, money, compassion, love or whatever. Most wives will die trying to make all those available to their husbands, so they need helpers… 

Wife No. 7: As long as I don’t get to hear about it he can do whatever he likes outside. That’s all the respect I want from him. 

Wife No. 8: They always come back to their wives after their useless behaviours outside.

Wife No. 9: It is better to prevent your husband from having one, because once he starts it is difficult to get out, and the consequences are usually grave. 

Wife No.10: God forbid! These girls are always very ambitious and desperate, so they can go to any length to have what they want. I will rather run. Just as the bible says, ‘Flee from all appearances of evil’. He who runs lives to fight another day! 

Hmmm! Now you’ve heard from the married women. How about single girls? Here are their comments. 

Girl No. 1: What for? Why would a man marry his wife if he knew she was bad or there were better options out there? I can’t stand such a thing. My brother-in-law destroyed my sister because of a girlfriend. I would never do it because I also have sisters who are married. 

Girl No. 2: Some of these men come to you and say terrible things about their wives just to get sympathy and one thing leads to another, sooo… 

Girl No. 3: Married men are better joor. They have more experience and understand you the more. 

Girl No. 4: These guys give you what you can not get from your boyfriend. Simple! 

Girl No. 5: I will marry my boyfriend, although I know he’s married. My family does not like the idea, but that’s the person I love. He did not lie to me; he actually asked if I’d be comfortable being his number two. What matters most is my happiness, and I’m happy with him. 

Girl No. 6: All married men have girlfriends. They are all cheats, so what’s the big deal? 

Girl No. 7: I am currently pregnant for one of them. At the beginning, he promised me heaven on earth but later abandoned me after I told him about the pregnancy. He lied all the way! Now, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the pregnancy. Suddenly, ‘he’s happily married with two kids!’ I will never advice any sensible girl to have an affair with a married man. 

Girl No. 8: If a man wants to marry me, even though he’s married, he will need to get rid of his wife first because I cannot share my man. 

Wife No. 9: I am a very possessive person so I’m not sure if I can date a married man. It won’t work.

Girl No. 10: I’ve never given it a thought for once because it stinks. What if you date a married man for five years and he suddenly loves his wife or finds another girlfriend? How will I handle the situation? 

Different strokes for different folks. All the comments have been coming from the female folks. What have the men got to say? Here are the comments by married men: 

Husband No. 1: These girls are killers and spanners in the wheel. If you’re not careful, you would be trapped with them. Run from them ooo! Have you ever seen them during summer? Holy Moses!!! 

Husband No. 2: There are certain things you don’t want to stress your wife with and the girlfriends are readily available to do them. So why not keep these girls? 

Husband No. 3:  I met my girlfriend before I married my wife. I love them both. 

Husband No. 4: Some wives push their men to have girlfriends. Some of them become something else once they are married. They are not willing to change their habits and attitudes so men go out to find sweet ladies who can meet their standards. 

Husband No. 5: All men do it. It’s our birth right. 

Husband No. 6: There are too many babes to a guy. We need to help the girls out. 

Husband No. 7: I tell you those single girls are packs of troubles. Their expectations are very high. They expect you to get rid of your family and be with them 24/7.  Some of them are lonely and just need a man, married or single, to be feeding them with lies all day until it all goes wrong. 

Husband No. 8: I have a girlfriend and my wife knows about it. She knows I love her and will protect her. It’s not a big issue for us. 

Husband No. 9: I have a girlfriend that has gone quite nutty. She has a child for me and I was forced to marry her because of the child. 

Husband No. 10: My wife kept harassing me that I had a girlfriend when I did not have one, so I decided to have one to see what it feels like. She invariably asked me to get one. She lured me into it, didn’t she? 

Now you have the comments. Who do we blame? 

Those single girls are so desperate they can go to any length to get the man they want. I keep wondering why married women can’t also do just anything to keep their husbands. 

Our single girls tend to forget that they too will get married one day, and there will still be single girls (colleagues) they left behind. Those single girls will start coming after their husbands as well.  

I wish God could show us the heart of man. It is so deep! 

A girlfriend once complained that a married woman was using ‘juju’ on the man they both shared. But the wife asked the girl to go get a life; that she was using juju on her husband, not on anyone else. If she wanted some of the juju, she’d be more than welcome but it only works if she uses it on her own husband, not someone else’s.  

I can imagine the sort of lies that men tell their girlfriends. If the guy is so good why would he want to have a girlfriend and not stick to the wife he married and make sure that the relationship works? These girls are barriers to the institution God institutes. They never give lawful couples the chance to try and solve whatever issues they have. Marriage is not a bed of roses; as our parents will always say.  

Even in our churches, you find people coming out to give testimonies about how God has delivered their husbands from the bondage of strange women (single girls/girlfriends). You need to hear binding and loosing as if they are demons. They actually are! 

Do these girls have any blood flowing through them at all? Ooops, someone just mentioned that they are in the churches as well. Some are even church workers! You will find on their Blackberry status ‘God is good’ ‘Jesus is Lord’ etc. They’re right. God is truly good, otherwise… 

Don’t skin me! We all have special friends, and some of them are married. But you need to know where to draw the line. There are some men who are not comfortable discussing some issues with their partners because of their nature. They will rather talk to someone else who understands them without snapping every second. 

Why is this right for a man and not right for a woman? Is this the way God designed it, or man redesigned what God had already designed? Are we even sure of who is meant to be man and who is supposed to be woman? This is probably why some people are confused about their sexuality these days. 

In any case, I wish you a loving relationship devoid of parasites.

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  1. “to Your we all have special friends” Why did you marry the woman if you know you cant talk to her about everything and nothing? After all he/she is supposed to be your companion. That special friend is always what leads both parties into trouble. Ladies are so desperate to get married today that they don’t care who they marry as long as they have the ring.

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