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Most times, as one tries to talk about a great book, one ends up indirectly marketing it for the author free of charge.


‘Discover Your Destiny: Big Ideas to Live Your Best Life’ written by Robin Sharma is one of such great books. It is a sequel to Robin’s ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.’


I’ve read the two.


They’re wonderful.


Each page of ‘Discover Your Destiny’ would keep any serious reader thinking. I can quote many sections of the book, but let me give you only one here to reflect on. It has to do with our life values.


The book says on page 65 that, “…generally, the things that we value most when we are in our twenties, thirties, and forties become the things that we value least at the end of our lives. And all those things that so many among us currently value least, like deep human connections, random acts of kindness, being in superb physical condition, devoting ourselves to excellence in our work, creating a legacy, and carving out time each day to work on ourselves so that the best within us shines, will – in the end – reveal themselves to be most valuable. After all, on our deathbeds, no one wishes they had more money in their bank accounts or a bigger car sitting in the driveway. Instead, as we take our last few breaths, we wish that we had lived a life that was courageous, authentic, and highly loving.”


Those are strong statements.


They’re part of what make the book a great read.


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