What does money mean to you?

Earlier today, I was asked to explain, in few words, “what money means to me.” As you know, one doesn’t have to think too deeply before answering certain questions. For instance, when you ask a Nigerian, “How are you?” his automatic response is going to be, “I’m fine.” It doesn’t matter if his mind is full of worries.

So, what does money mean to me?

Ordinarily, this question should get an automatic response, most especially if you’re still owing your landlord, or you’re yet to pay your children’s school fees. But any answer given will align with your values. That’s because money means different things to different people.

I also know that some people may not be sincere with their answers. They won’t want to be perceived as being too money conscious or greedy. So, they will carefully coin their responses to make them appear good and highly religious.

Anyway, I gave my answer from the heart: “I see money as a tool that makes life better for a person, his family, and the society at large when used in the right way. Money gives freedom and opens doors. As an important tool, money has to be properly nurtured through judicious investments to enhance its power and ability to deliver value.”

How about you? What does money mean to you? Give the question a try. It may help to explain your attitude towards money and money making.