What I Like About Politicians

Is it true that politicians across the world are all thesame? How would you feel if someone should call you a politician or accuse you of playing politics with an issue?

No doubt, we all feel differently about our politicians. But it would seem that many of us don’t trust them.  A preacher once said that “if a politician greets you ‘good morning’ you had better check that it’s not 6.00PM already.”

Wow! That’s a weighty description.

Could it be that politicians have a special gene in them irrespective of their   countries – from Canada to Argentina; Nigeria to America; Japan to Australia; China to Kenya?

One can easily understand why the negative perception has a wide acceptance. Politicians are constantly under public scrutiny so they need to behave well.

But why are they usually embroiled in one controversy or the other? How come we don’t hear so much good news about our politicians? Does it mean they’re generally bad? Don’t we like them much?

I want us to complete this blogpost together. I will like you to scroll to the “Comments” section below and say what you like about your country’s politicians. It could be only one thing or 10 different things. It doesn’t matter.

Well, it is also possible that you don’t like your country’s politicians for anything at all. Let’s hear you out.

I await your comments.

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2 thoughts on “What I Like About Politicians”

  1. majority of Nigeria politicians are liar,they like there pocket at the detriment of the public.anyway there are still fewer ones that are faithful and trustworthy.but the only thing i like about Nigeria politicians is that they know how to make promises and they can abuse themselves at the debates and campaign rally,politicizing everything.

  2. LIKE
    1.My country politicians are committed to probity, transparency and accountability.
    2.Modest lifestyles
    3.Talk Plainly on national issues
    4.Debate on national issues
    5.Test the laws of the Land.

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