What it Means to Be Nice

“Donald is such a nice man.”

“Yeah, that’s what everyone says of him.”

“Oh yes, he’s really nice. He gives money to everyone that comes his way.”

“Yes, he does. But being nice is more than giving money to people.”

“I agree. In fact, some people think they can easily buy friendship and loyalty with money.”

“That’s true. Such friendship or loyalty will never last. The only way you can draw people to your side every time, and all the time, is by being nice to them.”


“And did you know it doesn’t take much for anyone to be nice?”

“Hmmm, I know. But I wonder why many people are not nice.”

“Well, maybe they have the erroneous belief that it’s a big deal to be nice.”

“Why would anybody think so?”

“Why wouldn’t they? Everyone is suspicious of the other person so nobody wants to present a face of weakness.”

“But being nice does not mean you’re weak in anyway. It’s not any form of softness.”

“You can say that again, but I know a number of people who think they must behave brutally for people to fear or respect them.”

“Come to think of it, what does it truly take us to be nice people? What do we mean by the word ‘nice’? Let’s debate it.”

“My definition is the simplest in the world.”

“And what is it?”

“Do unto others as you will want them to do unto you.”

“Is that all?”

“Oh yes! It’s not more than that.”

“In other words, you’re saying that if I treat someone the way I would like to be treated, that person would see me as a nice person.”

“Simple as ABC!”

“But don’t you think it’s possible for people’s expectations to be different? Don’t you think others’ criteria may not be the same as mine?”

“Quite possible, but I think every human being, irrespective of nationality or culture, has some basic expectations of niceness. That’s what differentiates us from animals.”

“Shall we have some examples?”

“Don’t beat your woman up.”

“Haha! I like that. And don’t slap your man too.”

“Yes. Show some kindness. Or, won’t you be happy when others are kind to you?”

“Of course, I will.”

“Then do unto others those simple things that make you happy. That’s what it means to be nice to other people.”

“Sounds so simple.”

“It is, indeed, simple. Being nice means you should be friendly and show concern for other people’s wellbeing. As a nice person, you don’t have to wait for people to be friendly to you. Just go ahead and be friendly to them. When you do that, you will actually be teaching them how to be nice.”

“Good talk.”

“And do you know something?”


“Becoming a nice person starts from simple expression of appreciation for what people do. A nice person finds it easy to say ‘thank you.’ He says ‘please’ when making a request, and says ‘sorry’ when he errs.”

“You’re right.”

“When it comes to assisting someone in need, a nice person is the first to volunteer. He’s ready to give out. He’s prepared to sacrifice. He’s never selfish, and he’s ever caring.”

“Now I perfectly understand what you meant by ‘do unto others…’ The other day, my car refused to start and my neighbor had to phone his office that he would be late for work. Do you know what he did? He went all the way to drop me off at my office first! I couldn’t believe it.”

“That’s a good example of a nice man. When you phone up a colleague to find out why she wasn’t in the office; you are being nice.”

Yeah, just the way it’s nice to call a church member who has not been attending service for quite a while.”

“Yes. A nice man or woman is also the most careful person you will ever know.”

“Careful as how?”

“He’s ever careful of what he says, and how he says it. He watches his words and controls his tongue. You will never see a nice person making you feel unwanted or unappreciated. He shows you respect even when he’s not happy with you.”

“That means he values relationships.”

“Correct! He builds you with his words as against destroying you. When he criticizes, be rest assured that it will be a constructive criticism and he will never go outside the issue at hand. He will not go on a psychological warfare with you because his aim is to correct; not to crush you.”

“I can now see why everyone wants to hang around nice people.”

“It’s because the law of attraction works for them. They get along with most people because they breathe positivity and confidence.”

“They will probably get what they want in life too.”

“Yes, they do in most cases. But they don’t in some cases.”

“How do you mean?”

“It’s a simple logic. When you’re good, most people will reciprocate with similar gesture. But in some cases, your kindness could actually be rewarded with cruelty.”

“That’s true. I know of a lady who did everything for her partner only to be dumped like a pack of refuse. She’s such a nice girl but, surprisingly, her guy stole her money and ran away with another girl.”

“The heart of man is deep. You can only choose to be nice and close your eyes to whether or not people are nice to you in return.”

“But what could actually make people behave in horrible ways? I mean, why would some people choose not to be nice?”

“Many things can be the cause. The upbringing may not be good; the person may suddenly find unexpected wealth that goes into his head; he may find himself in a position of power that he never expected etc.”

“Or probably have some superiority complex that makes him look down on other people.”

“That’s also right. But you must bear in mind that complex – superiority or inferiority – is usually triggered by something else.”

“Sure. It’s like when someone suddenly finds himself with the kind of money his forefathers never had. He could begin to misbehave.”

“And end up destroying himself and his relationships.”

“I will rather choose to be nice.”

“Same here; I want to go to heaven.”

“What does being nice have to do with heaven?”

“It’s because heaven is strictly for the nice people of this world! Read your bible very well, you will discover that only nice people can keep the laws as prescribed by the Lord.”

“And where will nasty people go?”

“Hell straight!”

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5 thoughts on “What it Means to Be Nice”

  1. It brings to the fore the need to make huge effort to understand the complex nature of humans. In our social interactions with one anorhter, there are innocent victims who not as a result of personal fault of thiers are made to take the hits. This is true to the saying that ‘life can be unjust’ Of greater importance is that no matter the excuse we want to push forward for our negative posture or meaness, there is The One to whom we shall all give account of our actions and thoughts.

    Very insightful and the same time intriguing article. Thumbs up!

  2. Being nice is inborn, t’s natural it is from the heart and cannot be forced on anyone. You know when you are nice, you are nice no one can take that from you even at the point of death you will still sacrifices for others, always wanting to make them happy cos it gives you pleasure to do so. Being nice is having a compassionate heart filled with love and affection towards others both those you know and those you do not know, knowing you may not get anything in return.

  3. You won’t believe what happened to me this morning. As i was on my way out, i got to the road and stopped a taxi. As i entered the taxi i greeted everyone in the car, the next thing i said was “Driver Do you have D100 dalasis Change”, and immediately he parked and said he does not have change, as i was about to drop from the taxi, a lady in the car said, i should not worry and she offered to pay for my fare.
    Now you are talking about being nice. Its really nice to be nice. That lady was just too nice. All i kept saying to her until i dropped was thank you , thank you and thank you.

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