Which hat do you wear?

I’m just thinking about Seth Godin’s latest blog post in which he makes clear distinctions between a Scientist, an Engineer, and the Operations Manager. He also adds something about the Salesman.

Seth says that, “The scientist invents the train. The engineer builds it out. The operations manager makes it run on time. Operations managers shouldn’t do experiments. Scientists shouldn’t ask for instructions on what to do next. Engineers shouldn’t make stuff up…”

He states further that the Salesperson is the “One who provides the vital last step, the bridge to the customer…”

Seth concludes by asking “Which hat do you wear?”

How I wish this question is taken seriously by everyone.

How I wish this point is given critical considerations before employments are given.

And how I wish this is taken as a key factor before assigning political portfolio to people.

Perhaps we would have few round poles in square holes.

We would probably have few non-performing officers in government.

And we would certainly have a better system.

But what do we have on the table?

We have a system where an Engineer is not doing the job he’s cut out for, but he’s rather concentrating on the jobs of a Scientist, Operations Manager, and a Salesman!

How can things work?

You have spiritual leaders who play the roles of a prophet, pastor, evangelist, imam, and babalawo all at the same time! What should we expect other than spiritual bedlam?

We have leaders who claim to know everything and end up creating confusion everywhere.

And, even in the home front, we have husbands who want to combine their basic roles with that of their wives. They claim to know how much pepper and tomatoes go for, and how much a bag of rice cost in the market. They’re the all in all; just like their wives who equally believe they’re entitled to do what their men can do. How can the home be peaceful?

What if each of us could limit ourselves to what we know?

What if we could seek help when and where it is needed?

What if we could remove politics from appointments?

And what if we could train people to be great in what they know how to do best?

I’m just thinking.

And I think my thinking is right.