Why and How I Write – Part 2.

Welcome back!

I ended Why and How I Write – Part 1 just as I started talking about the landmarks that I’ve been able to achieve in the course of my writing experiences. In case you’ve not read the first part of this piece, I think you should quickly do so before proceeding further. This is the link to it.

When I won the Rutter Medal Award in 2003, my boss did not waste time in saying it loud and clear to the whole world that I won the award by writing in English language. He, like so many other admirers, was so proud of my achievement; and I very much enjoyed the fame that came with it. So nice to write!

But before that time, my name had already been boldly printed on an article published in the Swiss Insurance Academy magazine which is circulated to all Alumni members all over the world. The article was actually a brief account of my sojourn in that Academy in Zurich in 1994, and it was well embraced and celebrated.

Another of my professional articles found a space in the London based Benefits & Compensation International (BCI) magazine in 2008 (July/August 2008 Edition; Vol. 38, No.1).

I needn’t mention the series of professional and work-related writings, presentations, discussion papers, and publications that I’ve done over the years. They are many – won po lo shua!  

How about leisure or entertainment works? Well, I get am. In case you didn’t know, my brother-in-law is a publisher and it didn’t take him long before he discovered my writing skills. He actually specializes (mostly) in children story books so, a few years ago, he encouraged me to do one for his firm to publish.  Through him, I have been able to turn out different published titles such as My Father’s Wisdom, Kindness is Stronger Than Evil, The Two Greedy Rats, The Seven Princesses, Bolu and Anu, 100 Bible Weapons, etc.

My brother-in-law has been kind enough to include my phone number at the back of each of the books and that has, in a way, turned me into a “star” among many school children. Hardly would a week pass without a child “borrowing mummy’s phone” to call me to ask different questions: “Sir, are you the author of My Father’s Wisdom?” “How can I meet you?” “Can you tell me more about Prince Adedayo?” Eeh, children can be so inquisitive!

I know what you must be thinking. You are already doing some mental calculations of the money I must be making from writing, abi? Haha! It’s like asking any of our Musicians or Nollywood artistes how much they make from their production. Of course, you know their usual reaction. They would smile and try to dribble you out of the question.

Since I’m not any of them (yet), I should be able to “confess” to you that I actually got some “kobo kobo change” in those days of my freelance writing described in Part 1 of this article. I think my brother-in-law won’t also be happy if I leave out the fact that he pays me. So, the fact is that I actually made (and still make) some thousands of naira from those children books (thousands ooo, hmm!). My Rutter Medal also came with a thousand pounds cash award in 2003.

But, you see, it’s not really about the money as far as I’m concerned. It’s more about the benefits enumerated in Part 1 of this article. Hope this satisfies you? If you are not, and you still want to examine the kidney of an ant by all means; then na you sabi o. I don talk my own.


The world is changing and will continue to do so. It is a new world of social media; so I refuse to be left behind! You nko – how about you?

I think every blogger did start by contributing to opinions on other people’s blogs, or by airing their views in some social networks. I also did. I started by making comments on insurance and pension articles on different blog pages on the net. I still do, anyway.

But that wasn’t what informed my decision to start MegaInsights. This blog page was born in response to demands, and it actually has an “abandoned” brother called www.IdeasHall.com. I regard it as abandoned because I’m not so much present there again. It has been “willed” to my young and vibrant nephew who is on his way to becoming an ordained pastor. He’s the current “Manager” of IdeasHall.

Over my working career, I have had the opportunity of interacting with so many people and, up till today, some of them still call me up to ask one question or the other on life insurance and pension matters. So an idea came to my mind some years ago about having a central place where I could be discussing about my profession, and also store some useful material for people to use as they like. Somehow, I didn’t get to start anything of such until 2011 when I created IdeasHall. But my Ideashall “Engineer” couldn’t get the site to my desired state so I had to “divorce” him for another person to create “MegaInsights.”

Barely two weeks after going “live” on MegaInsights, I started receiving other requests from people: “Why are you writing about insurance only? Why don’t you include other topics like love & relationship, religion, sports, life & living etc.”

At first, I chose to ignore those demands. But as soon as I posted the first article on “love & relationship,” I noticed a form of viral visits to the site. So I got the message: By design,  MegaInsights may be an avenue to talk about my profession; it is also a room for other issues to be discussed. After all, it is for everyone; and it is absolutely FREE. Surprisingly, while thousands of people have read my posts and still continue to do so, nobody has volunteered to join me in writing. Na so life be?

Have I made any money from MegaInsights yet? No. But that is by choice. I’ve received some requests for advert placements but I simply asked the guys to hold on for a while. Very soon, we will open doors for people to start advertising on the site.

So, that’s why I write. It’s my right to write.

In Part 3 of the series, I will be taking you through “How I write.” Some people have been wondering how I find the time to write despite my busy schedule. They also wonder where I get the inspirations from. Honestly, it’s not that easy. But the fire of interest is usually hard to quench. So let’s meet in the third part of this article for necessary exposition.

Till then, stay blessed.

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