You’re single…you need life insurance


Your immediate response to life insurance offerings has always been the same – you don’t have a family yet so life insurance is not for you, at least at this stage of your life.


Let’s have a quick discussion about that.


I know your demographic cohort quite well. You belong to the group of millennials – the net generation. You’re so impatient. You don’t have the time. But I won’t waste your time. We will make this a quick one.


First, I understand your position that life insurance is not for you since the plan is primarily to take care of dependants when the breadwinner/policyholder is no more.


But you have other reasons to buy life insurance now – TODAY!


Yes, you do.


Calm down. I will show you the reasons.


Number one, you have many financial commitments hanging on your neck even though you’re still single.


How did you buy the car that you’re cruising about; hopping from ‘owambe’ parties to clubs every weekend? How did you get the money to move into your new apartment a few months ago? How did you buy the phone on which you’re ‘reading me’ right now?


Thanks for being honest – you took a loan from the bank!


Cool. That’s not strange to me. It is what you the Generation Y people do.


But wait a minute, didn’t someone sign the loan application forms for you?


Oh, that’s good; your dad did.


It was your uncle!


Ah, your sister did!




Someone stood as a guarantor for your loan.


Think for a minute. What if something happens to you today? Yeeeah, nobody prays for any bad thing to happen, but there is that big ‘IF’ question following all of us about. Accident could happen. Crazy guys with AK 47 could hit us with bullets even inside the church. Death could come. Legs could be broken permanently!


And who pays your outstanding loans if you should pass away early or become permanently disabled?


That’s where life insurance becomes your ally. Instead of heaping a load of unsettled bank loans on your guarantors – dad, mum, siblings, friends – buy life insurance today. It will take care of your indebtedness, and your guarantors will praise you for it.


Your bank will also be happy because you have not allowed them to embarrass anyone because of your debts.


That’s not all.


The fact that you’re single doesn’t mean that you don’t have responsibilities. You’re working. You take care of your siblings. The family looks up to you. Who will they depend on if death should knock you out today? Believe me, your life insurance benefit will give them some financial relief if the unexpected should happen.


I know you’re wise. Wise people buy life insurance whether they’re married or not.


You’re young and healthy so you have an advantage. You’re able to buy life insurance cover at a much cheaper rate. Your life insurance premium – the cost of your life insurance cover – will be very low because you’re still below 30. Why do you want to wait until you’re 40 before taking a step? It would be more expensive for you at that time. Buy now and get protected for life.


That leads us to the issue of your future. I know what you do at night. I know how long you stay on the internet. And I know your favourite point of call – Instagram!


Not a problem. I will continue to pray along with you that you and Kate – the lady you chat with every day, the same lady you admire on Instagram every night – become husband and wife later in future. That’s your dream, and it shall come to pass.


Life insurance is a business of love. When you get married, you will have a home, and you will have children. Why wait till then before you buy life insurance? You can buy a permanent life insurance cover right now and continue to maintain it after your marriage. Kate will love you the more for doing so. It’s cheaper for you now, and you will be ‘insuring your future’ with it. Imagine how terrible it would be if, for some reasons, you’re unable to buy such a cover after marrying Kate! That won’t be your portion, I pray.


May you live long. You will not die young. But life could be brutal at times. If it happens that you depart early, you don’t want people to start running around for money because of your burial. Life insurance will take care of that. Buy the cover now. It is called funeral expenses insurance.


Ah, my apologies. Don’t run away yet. Take this last one: You’re a technology person. You live and breathe internet. That makes things easier. You can buy your life insurance protection online.


No hassles.


Do it NOW.

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